Thursday, August 10, 2017

EMDR Therapy for traumas!

EMDR Therapy (Official EMDR) Paperboats Guided EMDR Meditation 

 Throughout our studies and trials we found that certain emotional manifistations occur especially within disorders such as depression, anger, anxiety, bipolar - as well as post-traumatic-stress-disorder. This album is designed to target disturbing images, feelings or tensions using a variety of clinical techniques.

EMDR Therapy:

EMDR is effective for changing emotional reactions, negative thought patterns, and entrenched habits (and often times even physical discomfort) that people can't just "think themselves out of." EMDR has given us the ability to essentially reverse all those negative patterns that have developed in your brain, body, and nervous system.

EMDR involves something called "bilateral stimulation"--which just means "two-sided stimulation." You probably know that your brain has a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere and that each side of your body is "hard-wired" to a specific side of your brain. Creating a rhythmic, back and forth stimulation of each hemisphere of the brain seems to stimulate something we call the "information processing system" to go into a highly accelerated mode of functioning--which is exactly the treatment effect we have to create to get the results we're after.