Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to Be Your Own Best Friend!


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    Most people seem to feel that they need a friend or a best friend to complete them. When people are alone, they tend to become depressed. It's like they need someone around them to get things going or they would seem like the odd person to other people and themselves, and that's not true, it's the best thing in the world to be your own best friend. Instead of the search for finding someone having the same qualities like or almost like you, you'll have more fun when you enjoy yourself alone. Most people find it hard to believe and that's okay but you'll benefit from yourself and you'll come to find yourself having a great deal of self-esteem no matter where you are or what you have.

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    When you start this process, start talking to yourself and thinking to yourself in your head. Laugh at your own jokes, make stories in your mind, fantasize on your dreams, make plans etc
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    Be positive with yourself. For example never say, "I'm not good enough;" instead replace it with "I'm great!" and dwell on it. Truth is, all our insecurities come from within, not the people around us. So if you say something negative about yourself and keep that impression, how can you get things done? When you're in a negative attitude mindset about yourself you are turning into your own enemy. Never say anything against yourself that brings you down.
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    Remember that all our insecurities stop us from us becoming even more of what we could be. If you think, feel or speak ill of yourself, you can never become more.
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    When you become your own best friend, do to yourself what you always wanted in a best friend.
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    Start going towards the things you want to achieve, whether its being a great artist or becoming a great dancer etc. Anything you want to do, focus on that.
  6. Tips

    • If you discourage yourself you will never be able to be the best you can be!
    • Be your own boss and get things done.
    • When you start to be your own best friend don't be mean, also be honest to people.
    • When you become your own best friend don't gossip to yourself of anyone, mind your own business. The secret or statement can get distorted as it spreads. Remember to make your plans for the day and follow them.
    • If you need help on how to ignore something. Check out how to ignore something or someone on wikiHow.