Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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How to Experience Growth from Loss

When a profound loss occurs, our minds are anguished and our hearts are shattered beyond recognition. The extreme sadness that we feel makes it nearly impossible to envision ever returning to a "normal” life. We do know, however, that there's a healing process. Many grieving individuals find ways to learn and grow from their loss. On our Facebook page atfacebook.com/mygriefsupport, we asked members "Is there a way to grow from your loss?” Here are some of their responses.
"I think I did,” said Sandra. "Caring for my mom helped me realize how things can go so quickly. I have a new mantra for myself: 'I can only be the person I want to be. I can't change others, so I need to do what I need to do, regardless.”
Chantel  said, "I learned to tell people that I care about them. I also realized how short life is. I changed my career track and started doing what I wanted to do. Grief can suck you into a dark whole, not to say that the pain ever goes away, but every experience in life can teach you how to be a better person if you're open to it. The openness is the subject piece that only comes with time and maybe even the aspects surrounding the loss.”
Dawn was surprised by the magnitude of the grieving process. "I don't know what I thought grieving would feel like, but it's a feeling of simultaneously experiencing, living, growing, exploding inside and absolute despair,” she said. "I can only hope right now that I will get to the other side and be able to help others through this one day because it's a heck of a place that we are in.”
"I have done many of the things that people here do, keeping it together for others (or even keeping it together for myself because I don't know whether I am coming or going),” she said. "However, I do think that it makes me much more aware of others. With my close friends it makes me aware that we all share this one single human element—emotion. It makes me feel more empathetic than I usually do. Even with strangers, I feel connected in some strange way when we are all experiencing this human condition called life.”
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